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Yes, I went to the Million Man March.
No, it wasn't about the minister.
It was about me! Got it?

Briefly Byron

In January 2006, I settled in the East Mt. Airy neighborhood of the Mt. Airy section of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the ninth state in the United States in which I've lived or spent a significant amount of time. For a brief life story, see my .

For my "day job," I hold the position of Head, Library Systems and Technology with Temple University in the University Libraries. Yes, that makes me a techie geek! For a work history, see my .

I'm active in the local chapter of BDPA, and participate regularly in community-based IT activities. I'm the manager of the list, Black-IP: The Black Information Professionals' Network. If you're a Black librarian, archivist, records examiner, info broker, or otherwise interested in the library/information field, subcribe to Black-IP.

My principal source of enjoyment-both intellectual and escapist-is music, which pervades my homes, virtual and actual. I'm an active composer -- involved in the local chapter of the American Composers Forum -- and I've recently begun publishing my own music. It's available through my publishing house, Brilliant Cuiller! Music or my composer page at You can download or buy it from either.

More information about me, the composer, is available at my !

I've begun tracing my family history with the help of my parents and one of my favorite cousins. Come climb my .

Total Wastes of Time

As if this weren't bad enough.

Here one can find some very interesting uses of Internet bandwidth and WWWeb technology. Thirsty? Check out bsy 's List of Internet Accessible Coke Machines or the now infamous Trojan Room coffee machine. Really bored? Bask in the wisdom of Zippy the Pinhead (a fellow doughnut lover) or go play Find-The-Spam on The Road to Nowhere. More timely than time waster, read The Boondocks. As always there's always that "astonishing trove of Viola Jokes."

Don't think that silliness is only for those not out to make a buck. The MGD TapRoom (now MGD Blind Date!) is a commercial venture from Miller Brewing. The Charlotte News and Observer has also gotten into the act by providing more than anyone would want to know about North Carolina's favorite primate, Senator Jesse Helms.

If you can't find enough to do here, visit Go2Net's Useless Pages.

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